Writer’s Block – Summer Break Edition

I’m wearing my cozy pants. My kids are napping. I’m sitting on my incredibly comfortable sofa. I have a fresh cup of coffee next to me. The stage is set: I am ready to blog.

So I stare at the blank screen for 10 minutes.

coffee and laptop photo

I’m certainly not the only blogger who faces writer’s block from time to time. I considered several topics, then rejected them by overthinking:

  • My struggle with mama’s guilt when I hire childcare so I can run errands and get work done (Reason rejected–am I an educator’s blog? A motherhood blog? I’m not sure my followers will be into this…)
  • Poetry teaching strategies and tips for success (Reason rejected–this is important…but feels boring right now. Come on, it’s summer! Who wants to think about poetry right now?)
  • My emotional breakdown when my best friend at work left the profession (Reason rejected–the emotions are still too raw. Maybe when I’ve processed this a bit more I’ll be prepared to discuss it.)
  • Final assessment strategies for AP students (Reason rejected–too short, and again, snoozefest.)

Since I only have so much time left during this nap session and I absolutely MUST cross that blog post item off of this week’s to-do list (yes, I’m a Type A personality), let’s do this backwards. Here are some end-of-the-school-year blog posts you can guarantee I will NEVER be writing about, and exactly why I am unqualified or unable to write about them.

Gina’s List of End-of-the-School-Year Blog Posts that You Will Never See

  1. How to kindly decline when a student asks you to sign their yearbook
    Seriously? How do you say no those sweet little puppies who just want a short note? This year I got roped into drawing pictures in some of them, which became a very slippery and time-consuming slope.
  2. How to maintain rigor at the end of the school year
    Every year I try to stay rigorous and consistent through the end of the school year. But then the seniors graduate and I get small batches of juniors left behind for almost a week with basically nothing to do. Before I know it I find myself taking them to Starbucks during class (gasp! scandal! Don’t worry, I had permission from all necessary parties). We talked about books the whole way, naturally.
  3. How to clean out your classroom in under an hour!
    Ha. Just ha. I had been cleaning and clearing out gradually over a week, so I gave myself 3 hours on the last day of school. I ended up taking 7 hours…and personal items may be lodged above a ceiling tile somewhere…
  4. How to ease into summer break and balance your obligations gracefully
    I’ve been on summer break for a little over a week. In that time we’ve gone to the cabin (so fun, but not exactly restful when you’re chasing after kids the whole time), organized, ran, and cleaned up a garage sale, attended three graduation parties, taken the kids to the zoo, and visited the library…twice. I’m already exhausted.

    My kids at the zoo
  5. Get that Beach Body! How I turned my summer break into a daily workout routine!
    No comment on this one, other than that is so not happening.
  6. Summer Reading List Accomplished! How I read the entire AP Lit canon in one summer
    OK, AP Lit teachers know that this is actually impossible, even for superwoman. The AP canon is unidentified and includes thousands upon thousands of books. Maybe if Spencer Reid quit his job profiling and focused entirely on reading novels, he might get it done, but even he would need more than a summer. And while I do try to get lots of reading done in the summers, it is hard to focus on a heavy classic when it’s just so nice outside. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I prefer to enjoy a sugary beach read.
  7. Avoiding the end-of-school TpT slump
    I don’t think even the celebrity sellers can avoid this. And I’m actually quite happy with how my Teachers Pay Teachers store is doing so far this summer. My goal for June was $0 (already surpassed that!), so it’s true that I could be guilty of having goals that are too low. But I’ve already hit my 2018 earnings goal in May, so I don’t mind my store having a little lull. And rest assured, I’m plugging away on new products almost daily during the summer!

Hey look at that, it looks like a blog post! Time to return to that to-do list. Next up: bake  eat cookies.

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