AP Daily Video Notes for AP English Literature

In 2020, College Board hired some amazing teachers to create instructional videos, called AP Daily Videos, for teachers who were struggling with reduced class time, online teaching, and health struggles. Thousands of teachers used these videos to keep students on a skill-based instructional path in preparation for the AP exam and their college years beyond.

When I began watching the videos, I knew immediately I would need some kind of handout or note sheet to give to my students, whose minds often wandered. I began making them using Canva and sharing them with the AP Lit community through Facebook. They proved so popular that I made notes for each unit, with some help from Susan Barber. We posted them on her site, AP Lit Help, for free access to all teachers.

Unfortunately, in the fall of 2021 these note sheets became unavailable when AP Lit Help went offline. Therefore, I’m posting the notes here so everyone has access to them. These notes are available in both printable PDFs and as interactive Google Slides. See below for the files and links!

Unit 1 – Short Fiction 1

Unit 2 – Poetry I

Unit 3 – Long Fiction or Drama I

Unit 4 – Short Fiction II

Unit 5 – Poetry II

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Unit 6 – Long Fiction or Drama II

Unit 7 – Short Fiction III

Unit 8 – Poetry III

Unit 9 – Long Fiction or Drama III

For online learners: Interactive Google Slide Handouts

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  1. Gina, this is amazing! You have been such a great help to me, in AP and all my English classes. Thank you for all you do.

    Dana Knox
    Shoreline, WA

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