13 Scary Stories and Poems For High School ELA

Here are 13 scary stories and poems you can incorporate this fall to build a fun, spooky atmosphere while learning!

15 Ways to Liven Up a Lesson With Media

One thing that I work hard on, perhaps too hard at times, is keeping lessons interesting. I believe in mixing different elements of instruction and content into each lesson. To do that, I often integrate different forms of media. Here are 15 different strategies for integrating your lessons with various media types. By the way,… Continue reading 15 Ways to Liven Up a Lesson With Media

Tips For Making Shakespeare Fun

For 12 years now I've been teaching English Language Arts to high school students, and with most ELA course loads inevitably come a healthy dose of Shakespeare. Throughout my career, I've taught the following Shakespearean works: Romeo and Juliet Julius Caesar Hamlet Macbeth King Lear Othello The Taming of the Shrew Henry VI, Part I… Continue reading Tips For Making Shakespeare Fun